VIDEO: Pro-Palestine Crazies Disrupt Blind Children Event

Red light

(Patriot.Buzz) – Highlighting how far the extreme left is willing to go to advance its radical agenda, a group of pro-Palestine protesters caused significant disruption at a charitable concert supporting families and children with visual impairments.

Watch the video below.

As reported by Sky News, the incident occurred at night during the renowned “Carols by Candlelight” event in Australia at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. The protesters were carrying Palestinian flags and stormed the stage during a performance, leading to the swift removal of children from the scene. One protester tried to seize a moderator’s microphone, shouting about the situation in Gaza.

The show’s host, David Campbell, addressed the audience following the disturbance, as noted by The Age. He reassured everyone about the children’s safety and acknowledged the complexity of current global challenges.

“They’re allowed to have their moment, they’re allowed to have their time in the sun, but we did have kids here, so we wanted to make sure those kids are safe, they’re gonna be back out in a second,” Campbell explained.

He also highlighted the importance of unity and patience in difficult times, saying, “It’s a very hard time in this world, it’s a hard time for us all to come together on a night like this when there’s a lot of pain out there. We’re going to just settle things down for a moment and we’re all going to be fine.”

The performance continued after the stage was cleared and the protestors were removed, allowing the children to return and resume their performance. The event is a longstanding Christmas tradition organized by Vision Australia and aims to bring joy and light to the community during the holiday season.

The incident sparked outrage online, particularly on X (formerly Twitter). Television executive Rob McKnight expressed his dismay at the protesters’ tactics, especially given the presence of children. “Yeah, let’s scare the kids performing on stage. What a bunch of morons,” he commented, criticizing the protesters for disrupting a charitable event meant to celebrate and support visually-impaired children.