VIDEO: ‘Lawless Place’ With No Rules

Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash

Whether it’s people drinking cocktails at seven in the morning or groups singing and dancing through the terminal, people seem to behave strangely when they get on a plane.

That was the subject of a viral TikTok video this week when a woman shared her latest flight experience discussing how she thinks airplanes are “lawless places.”

The TikToker @vampirecinemaa shared with 1.5 million views the unusual behavior she witnessed on a recent flight.

The TikToker declared that “the rules of society don’t apply in the air,” citing experiences like old people drinking gin and tonics at 7 a.m., passengers painting their nails, or doing jumping jacks on a flight.

The phenom of unruliness is being blamed on vacation mode.

According to Sonya Dhillon, a former worker at London’s Heathrow Airport and the founder of Ricco Events, the behavior can be explained by travel triggering “vacation mode” for most.

Dhillon claimed the behavior was the result of “that level of excitement — no rules, no routine, no work— an ‘everything goes’ kind of attitude.”

Often the lack of etiquette on planes is controversial and spans conversations about the appropriate dress code or bare feet on a plane.

In the comments of the viral TikTok video, other people shared their experiences in airports and flights, with one user sharing that their sister had sat next to “next to a man who was hosting two Nigerian funerals on Zoom at the same time.”

While another user shared that they saw a woman who had conducted a “whole skincare routine in a robe in an airport bathroom.”

A third user added that a passenger beside them had eaten “hard-boiled eggs she brought from home.”

Dr. Charlotte Russell, a British clinical psychologist and founder of, also cited “vacation mode” as the reason for the strange behavior on planes and in airports.

However, she also acknowledged that the behavior could be more displeasing because of the limited space that makes such behaviors hard to ignore.



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