VIDEO: Thief Steals Woman’s Purse Then Her Heart

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

An Indianapolis woman revealed that she was shaken after she was robbed at gunpoint outside of her home, only to have the robber message her on Facebook asking her out on a date.

Amber Beraun explained that at the time of the robbery, which occurred on an early May morning, she was checking her mailbox when a man approached her and pulled out a firearm.

Speaking to WRTV, Beraun detailed how the man approached her and tried to rob her at gunpoint after she had knocked off work.

She relayed how the man took a gun out of his pocket, showed it to her, and demanded she let him into her house, something she didn’t do.

Instead, Beraun explained she handed over roughly $100 in cash to the suspect, later identified as Damien Boyce.

After retrieving the money, Boyce allegedly pointed the gun at Beraun and demanded she adds him on Facebook, according to court documents WRTV reviewed.

Beraun explained that she believed if she “added him on Facebook, he would leave,” noting that he did.

However, Boyce later began messaging Beraun on the app, complimenting her and asking her out.

In one message, he suggests she is “too pretty to rob” and would be paying her back.

In response, Beraun said she believes him and “can tell you’re sweet,” empathizing that “times just get rough.”

Boyce also allegedly asked Beraun to “come chill” with him.

Beraun told the Local news outlet that the incident had made her “a little on edge” and “It makes it a little different when you hear noises at night.”

Last Wednesday (June 21), Boyce was charged with armed robbery and held on a $7,500 bond.

A week prior, on June 12, Boyce was arrested for a separate armed robbery. In the previous incident, Boyce allegedly got into an argument, shooting two people and hitting a third in the head with a brick.