Woman Fakes Kidnapping Of Who?

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

Prosecutors revealed Thursday (June 29) that the social media Influencer who had gone viral when she falsely claimed a Latino couple had attempted to kidnap her daughter was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

On December 7, 2020, Kathleen ‘Katie’ Sorensen, 31, from California, took to Instagram to accuse the couple of trying to kidnap her two young children while they shopped at a Michael’s Store in Sonoma County, later filing a false police report.

In Thursday’s statement, District Attorney Carla Rodriguez noted that Sorensen was being “held accountable for her crime,” adding that the department believed the “Judge handed down a fair sentence.”

Rodriguez also shared a “hope” that the accountability measure would give the couple who had been accused by Sorenson some closure.

Sorensen’s sentence allows her to serve 60 days in a work release program. She will also be under probation for a year, during which time she is not allowed to have any social media accounts or any presence on social media.

When Sorenson made the false police report, she told police that the Petaluma couple attempted to abduct her two kids in the parking lot of a Michael’s craft store. The following week, she posted on Instagram a video sharing her experience with the alleged abduction attempt, going into “great detail.”

Her Instagram went on video, which led to Sorensen appearing on a local news program.

The young mother would then falsely implicate the Latino couple, which had been contradicted during the police investigation, prosecutors revealed.