800 Cops Deployed

(Patriot.Buzz) – In clear evidence of the state of complete disarray of this liberal bastion plagued by aliens and crime, the New York Police Department (NYPD) disclosed its most recent strategy to try to boost the subway system’s security.

During a briefing, NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell unveiled “Operation Fare Play,” a five-day campaign targeting fare evasion and aiming to deter rising violent incidents.

The police department’s move seeks to introduce an additional 800 officers, both in uniform and undercover, to crack down on fare dodging, according to the New York Post.

Chell refrained from specifying which subway stations would see the increased police presence but mentioned that decision criteria would include crime data, MTA reports and local complaints.

Transit Chief Michael Kemper emphasized the critical concern over fare evasion and called for a disciplined approach to entry into the subway to maintain lawfulness from the beginning.

“Our riders should not be subjected to open acts of lawlessness anywhere in our subway system, and that tone of law and order must start at the fare gates,” Kemper stated. “Don’t do it. Don’t jump, don’t crawl, don’t come through the gate. Make the right decision.”

Chell also warned against fare evasion and related misconduct by underscoring that the operation would be a sustained effort. “We’re gonna do it time and time again. We’re not giving the locations ’cause we don’t want people to know.”

He added, “What we want them to know is, ‘Don’t think you can come down here and get a free ride and bring your weapons.”

So far in 2024, NYPD efforts have resulted in 28,000 fare evasion citations and 1,700 arrests, with 20 instances of firearms detection among subway passengers, often during fare evasion interventions, Kemper shared.

Kemper discussed the significance of strict fare enforcement as the basis of their crime prevention strategy and emphasized a sharp focus for the week.

MTA head Janno Lieber praised both the NYPD’s dedication to transit safety and the leadership of Mayor Eric Adams.

Despite a general decline in subway crime a New York Post investigation highlighted an increase in severe violent incidents in sharp contrast with previous years’ statistics.

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