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Patriot Buzz is a U.S.-based news publication specializing in current events, national and global news, and updates on the economy, finance, and politics. As a team of journalists concerned with ethical reporting, and journalistic integrity, we are here to deliver factual, trustworthy news straight to our readers.

Ethical, Truth-Centric Reporting

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We pride ourselves on exercising and defending free speech. And, we strive to uphold Constitutional liberties. We understand that in this day and age, many media outlets in the mainstream attempt to silence important and worthy voices. Here at Patriot Buzz, we strive to give those voices a platform, bringing to the surface stories and happenings that you may not see in established major media.

Fighting Suppression with Truth

Censorship and suppression of the truth are real, so we work to uncover as much truth as possible, and then share it with you. On a weekly basis, our team spends time scouring the biggest news stories of the moment, identifying details that we believe will interest you. We take our work seriously, understanding that you are looking for news that is both real and straightforward.

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Patriot News

Patriot News stories are crafted for easy quick access readers can take a quick detour into the news, any time during a busy day. Readers can use these stories to draw out the most important facts, then go about their schedule. We report on current and political events, as well as stories centered around the economy and financial concerns that impact American citizens.

State of Affairs

Our State of Affairs reports dive into greater detail; these reports require a slightly greater time investment to read. They are backed by research, and sometimes represent stories that have been ongoing for quite some time. On the other hand, a larger breaking story could just as easily appear in our State of Affairs category.

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