Biden Nominee Pulls the Plug

Joe Biden

(Patriot.Buzz) – Retreating from what would have been a drawn-out battle in the Senate due to her legal inexperience, Colleen Holland, who was under consideration for a federal judgeship in the Western District of New York, has formally requested that her nomination be withdrawn.

Holland cited personal considerations as the primary reason for this decision, issuing a statement saying, “I have asked the President not to resubmit my nomination to the Senate. This was a personal decision made after careful consideration.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who had a role in Holland’s initial nomination, expressed his respect for her decision and gratitude for her ongoing contributions to the legal field.

“We respect Ms. Holland’s decision and thank her for her continued public service to the Western District as an accomplished lawyer, of profound integrity and legal intellect. We will move expeditiously with the administration to nominate a person for this important judicial position,” Schumer’s office stated.

At 39, Holland’s age was notably younger than that of many federal bench nominees. Her nomination had not yet progressed to the stage of a scheduled hearing.

In her professional trajectory, Holland has made some contributions to the legal community in the Western District of New York. Since 2021, she has occupied the role of special counsel to the chief judge of this district. Before this, she had served as a career law clerk for the same judge since 2018 and held positions as an associate in various law firms.

Holland’s nomination, alongside three other candidates, was announced by Joe Biden in August. Biden praised the nominees for what he characterized as exceptional qualifications, experience, and commitment to the principles of law and the U.S. Constitution. These nominations were reportedly made following Schumer’s recommendations.