Biden Preps Attack on Trump

(Patriot.Buzz) – In the face of sagging approval ratings across battleground states, Joe Biden plans to leverage former President Donald Trump’s Democratic-led witch hunts in his favor.

Biden is getting ready to address the nation from the White House after the verdict in former Trump’s business records trial, which could be announced soon.

The Biden administration is reportedly crafting responses for either of the trial’s outcomes: a conviction or an acquittal/hung jury.

In the event of a conviction, Biden plans to underscore that this outcome renders Trump unfit for office, with potential plans to label him as “Convicted Felon Donald Trump” in online communications.

Conversely, if Trump is acquitted or the jury is hung, Biden is gearing up for the expected surge in criticism from Republicans and Trump himself.

Closing arguments are scheduled for today, with a verdict possible within the week.

Biden’s anticipated statement could provide credibility to Trump’s previous claims that the trial is politically motivated.

Trump has labeled the proceedings a “disgusting Political Witch Hunt by Crooked Joe Biden’s White House” on his Truth Social platform.

News outlet Politico suggested that if Trump is convicted, Biden might mention the verdict during his campaign, though his team reportedly believes it will not drastically alter the campaign’s dynamics.

This perspective is supported by polling data indicating that the trial has not been closely followed by Americans and is unlikely to significantly affect Trump’s support.

A recent Quinnipiac poll revealed that a Trump conviction might sway only a small fraction of his supporters, with 6% stating they would be less likely to vote for him, whereas 24% said they would be more inclined to support him.

However, the majority of Trump voters, 68%, claimed their vote would remain unaffected.

Discussing the trial also risks drawing attention to legal issues surrounding Biden’s own son, Hunter Biden, who is set to face trial soon in Delaware over charges related to a 2018 firearm purchase during a period of drug use.

Hunter’s legal team has recently requested the court to exclude certain “salacious” evidence from the upcoming trial, which includes details from child support hearings and his Navy discharge.

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