Biden Sets Another (Bad) Record

Joe Biden

(Patriot.Buzz) – The surge in Chinese migrants illegally entering the U.S. from the Mexico border has reached an all-time high, with 24,200 arrests reported in the last six months, mainly in San Diego County, California.

This figure matches the total number of Chinese illegals caught for illegal entry throughout 2023, a year that already shattered records by surpassing the cumulative total of the last decade.

Exploiting gaps in the border defenses and a softening of border policies under the Biden administration, individuals from China are traveling to Mexico, from where smugglers guide them to the most accessible crossing points into California.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials, already stretched thin, arrest these individuals, who are mainly single men, detain them briefly for processing and then release them into the U.S. where they can file for asylum, sources say.

In January, operational strains led to a significant reduction in the interrogation process at CBP, decreasing from an estimated 40 questions to merely 5.

This drastic change was implemented in response to the escalating arrests of Chinese illegals.

A Chinese family who recently crossed into the U.S. disclosed that, unlike migrants from countries with rampant civil unrest, they left China looking for better opportunities inspired by relatives who successfully migrated before them.

Their journey, which cost around $75,000, took them through Thailand and Turkey through a route popularized on social media platforms.

Aside from those caught for illegal crossing, 17,700 Chinese migrants have been legally admitted into the U.S. after securing entry through the CBP One mobile app.

Immigration attorney Erika Pinheiro highlighted that many Chinese families seeking asylum do so due to political oppression and are often middle to upper-middle class.

This contradicts the common narrative that asylum seekers are primarily driven by economic motives.

Upon release, migrants are transported to San Diego and directed to a local trolley station where a makeshift taxi service operated by Chinese men assists newcomers.

However, concerns have been raised about this unregulated taxi operation, particularly regarding the safety of both the migrants and the local community.

Both El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells and San Diego County Supervisor Jim Desmond have said they worry about these migrants’ vulnerability and the lack of formal support from federal or local authorities.

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