Biden Takes Aim at ‘Gun Show Loophole’

(Patriot.Buzz)- In its attеmpt to encroach on our constitutional rights to bear arms, the Biden administration unveiled plans to broaden the scope of mandatory background checks for firearm purchases at gun shows and online.

By doing so, Biden plans to take aim at the so-called “gun show loophole” as demanded by strict gun control proponents.

Under the newly announced federal guidelines, the criteria of who is considered a licensed firearms dealer will be expanded to ensure broader background checks.

According to the Justice Department, this adjustment will force around 23,000 previously unlicensed firearms sellers to start background checks during transactions.

However, senior administration officials recognized that estimates concerning the unlicensed gun market are speculative at best.

These modifications stem from the Safer Communities Act passed by Congress in 2022 and are set to start 30 days after being published in the federal register later this week.

In order to enforce the 2022 legislation, the Justice Department seeks to clarify who is considered a firearms dealer. Right now, the nearly 80,000 licensed firearms dealers nationwide are forced to perform background checks on purchasers.

However, individuals selling firearms via online platforms or at gun shows have not always been mandated to secure a federal license or conduct such screenings.

This federal initiative distinctly orders that individuals who consistently sell firearms with the primary aim of making a profit must now secure a dealer’s license and carry out background checks on soon-to-be buyers.

According to the officials, posting online advertisements, maintaining sales records, and using credit card processing systems would make an unlicensed seller recognized as a licensed gun dealer.

There are exemptions for specific scenarios where background checks will not be needed, including private exchanges among family members and selling off of a personal collection without replacing it.

Joe Biden has been a vocal proponent of universal background checks for all firearm sales and transfers, so this announcement is a confirmation of his plans.

Expecting legal challenges for infringing the Second Amendment, the Justice Department has said it stuck strictly to the definitions provided by Congress in the original legislation so it would withstand judicial examination.

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