Biden’s Brother Gets Bad News

Joe Biden

(Patriot.Buzz) – Gearing up for a probe seeking answers in the face of bombshell evidence, Joe Biden’s brother is set to have an on-the-record sit-down with House Republicans about a few things.

These Republicans have officially asked James Biden to show up and chat as part of their impeachment investigation into Joe Biden and his connection to his son Hunter Biden’s business ventures.

Several members of the Biden family, including Joe himself, doubled down on their claims that they had no relation to Hunter’s business. Even back in 2019 Joe stated he allegedly never talked business with his son, brother or anyone else for that matter.

However, the team leading the investigation believes it has traced a money trail showing Joe might have been more involved in his family’s business moves than he has let on. According to Chairman James Comer, the House Oversight Committee has gathered evidence that suggests Joe was in the loop and even profited from his family’s secretive dealings.

In their deep dive, House Republicans discovered a couple of checks that James and his wife, Sara Biden, sent over to Joe. These checks are suspicious because they seem to be tied to a Chinese company, Northern International Capital, which has connections to another big Chinese energy company, CEFC China Energy. CEFC is not just any company: it is closely linked to the Chinese government.

The subpoena request for James’s interview dives into his and Hunter’s business ventures including some dealings with CEFC. The committee also got its hands on a bank statement showing a hefty $40,000 check from James and Sara’s account, flagged as part of a deal with CEFC and requested by Hunter.

Text messages also revealed that Hunter pressed CEFC employee Raymond Zhao for $10 million due to a promise Zhao’s company made. Not long after, $5,000,000 from a CEFC affiliate made its way to the Bidens and was shuffled around in an attempt to keep the transactions hidden.

Additionally, Hunter is set to make an appearance before the House Oversight Committee a week after his uncle to give his side of the story about what increasingly looks like trouble for the Biden family.