Biden’s Illegals ‘Likely … Staying Here Forever’

(Patriot.Buzz) – Under the Biden administration’s CHVN parole program, approximately 400,000 illegals from Cuba, Haiti, Venezuela and Nicaragua are likely to stay in the U.S. forever.

This program launched in October 2022 for Venezuelans and expanded in November 2023. Each month, it allows 30,000 people to stay for up to two years on humanitarian grounds.

As of the end of February, 400,000 migrants have entered the U.S. through this program.

However, experts believe that illegals—around 1,000 people each day—are exploiting the system to enter the U.S. and remain in the country by any means necessary once the two-year parole period ends.

“They’re overwhelming the system [which] more than likely will result in these people staying here forever,” said Tom Homan, former Director of ICE under former President Donald Trump.

Parolees have a few options to remain in the U.S.: extension of their parole, legal residency through a lawyer or overstaying illegally.

Homan noted that the current administration is unlikely to pursue those who simply decide to overstay.

Former ICE field office director John Fabbricatore stated that unless the Biden administration acts, many parolees will likely overstay and join the non-detained ICE docket, which already monitors around seven million cases.

The misuse of the parole process as an immigration status instead of a measure for urgent humanitarian needs is an alarming concern.

Retired Deputy Patrol Agent in Charge of the El Paso Station Clay Thomas expects the Biden administration to provide automatic extensions of parole since it is easier and because it is unrealistic to track such large numbers.

In specific cases, Cuban parolees can seek permanent residency after a year under the Cuban Adjustment Act, and others can apply for visas, asylum or Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

Data released by the House Homeland Security Committee indicates that the majority of these parolees are settling in Florida cities like Miami and Ft. Lauderdale.

Miami-based immigration attorney Maria Herrera Mellado noted that her Cuban and Venezuelan clients see Miami as their final destination to reunite with family.

Meanwhile, 1.6 million applicants are still waiting for approval to join the program, which highlights the extensive demand and ongoing impact of this policy.

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