Charities Blacklisting Conservatives

(Patriot.Buzz) – In an alarming revelation, it has been disclosed that charitable foundations across the U.S. are using lists created by leftwing entities to block donations to conservative and religious groups.

This approach highlights how some community foundations managing donor-advised funds (DAFs) rely on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Horizon Forum’s compilations.

These lists categorize various mainstream conservative and religious organizations as “hate groups,” which effectively prevents them from receiving funds from donors.

Robert Stilson from the Capital Research Center emphasized the gravity of being labeled as a “hate group” by pointing out that such designations deter donors and influence charitable intermediaries to adopt the SPLC’s prejudiced perspectives over the donors’ preferences.

An investigation revealed that 11 community foundations that oversee more than $12 billion in assets use resources from the SPLC or Horizon Forum to inform their donation guidelines.

These foundations administer DAFs, which are charitable accounts that allow individuals to contribute assets that the foundation allocates to other organizations at the donor’s suggestion.

However the charity managing the DAF has the final say on whether to honor a donor’s recommendation. The investigation found that several community foundations refer to the SPLC and Horizon Forum’s lists to deny donor suggestions.

For instance the Pittsburgh Foundation rejected a donor’s request to grant $5,000 to Turning Point USA (TPUSA) because Horizon Forum said the organization engaged in “hate activity.”

Similar practices are observed in other community foundations that reference SPLC’s “Hate Map” or Horizon Forum’s resources to decide on grant approvals. This method of vetting donations raises concerns about ideological bias influencing philanthropic decisions.

Critics argue that the SPLC’s criteria for labeling groups as hateful target mainstream conservative and religious organizations unfairly and place them alongside extremist groups without justification.

While some foundations restrict donations to conservative groups based on these lists others have allowed funds to flow to organizations with ties to terrorist groups, highlighting a potential double standard in their vetting processes.