Dem Senator’s Bombshell Admission

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a bombshell admission of their plans to increase federal control over citizens and businesses to the detriment of the country as a whole, Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) highlighted on X a critical challenge for the Democratic Party.

In his recent post, Murphy suggested a strategic shift because a “new study showing that 4 out of 5 Democratic candidates don’t talk about billionaire and corporate power” allegedly exists.

“Democrats cannot win if we just talk about programs,” he added. “We need to tell a story — about how the concentration and [sic] wealth & power is ruining America.”

Murphy then pushed for a broader narrative that investigates the accumulation of wealth and power and its supposed damaging effects on society.

According to Murphy, this approach is crucial for reconnecting with the working-class voters who have gradually distanced themselves from the party since 2012.

His remarks quickly sparked debate and criticism online, with some accusing him of championing divisive tactics similar to class warfare as a means to stir up voter support.

Critics argue that Murphy’s strategy leans toward creating a two-way system between rich and poor classes, a method they associate with Marxist ideologies.

“It’s Marxism 101. Create an oppressor class, create an oppressed class, and pit them against each other. Democrats have been doing a very good job of it, but Murphy wants even more,” said one individual on social media.

Another user added, “In other words, Democrats need to appeal to people’s resentments and class warfare. (And before anyone types ‘what about,’ I don’t like the Republican populist version of that, either).”

A third person entered the conversation, saying “Here’s Chris Murphy confessing that the only way Democrats can win is through division and class warfare. Thanks, Chris. We already knew that. You disgrace.”

Responses to Murphy’s post reflect a wider concern over political tactics leveraging societal divisions based on class, wealth or corporate power as a political strategy.

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