Disgraced Rep. Wants WHAT From Trump?!

Red light

(Patriot.Buzz) – Seeking a return to prominence by means of a rebranding after a series of unjustifiable actions, disgraced former Representative George Santos (R-NY), who was recently expelled from Congress, publicly expressed his ambition to become the director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under a potential future Trump administration.

Santos, infamous for his involvement in various political scandals that ultimately led to his congressional expulsion, shared his aspirations in a post on X, previously known as Twitter.

In his post, Santos stated, “My new year resolution is that President Trump returns to the white house and in 2025 I can be appointed Director of ICE.” He criticized the current state of immigration policy, emphasizing the need for a stricter approach.

“Enough abuse and disregard for our sovereignty, we are the United States OF America and not a global dumping hub. ICE has had their hands tied for far too long with the sole exception of the great four years of DJT,” he wrote, using Trump’s initials.

During his short tenure in the House amidst numerous scandals, Santos engaged extensively with the media. He was ousted from Congress following a vote of 311-114-2, becoming the sixth lawmaker in history to be expelled from the lower chamber.

He currently faces 23 federal criminal charges, including allegations of misleading donors and fraudulent activities. Despite pleading not guilty to all charges, the House Ethics Committee released a report providing substantial evidence of his serious crimes, prompting some members to support his expulsion.

Though Santos initially vowed never to return to Congress, he has recently hinted at the possibility of re-entering politics. In his X post, he boldly declared his qualifications for the ICE director role.

“It’s time to reclaim our country and if you believe the nonsense numbers the media is giving you then you are accepting the big lie! We have over 50M+ people who have invaded our sovereignty over the years due to careless and neglectful immigration policy, if given the job I know exactly where to start and run the much needed raids of removals proceedings this country needs,” Santos stated.