Doomsday Clock Reset

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a foreshadowing remark of what they see as a looming event, a scientific organization made a severe announcement about the state of the global risks humanity faces.

During their annual announcement in Washington, DC, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists revealed the latest setting of the Doomsday Clock: just 90 seconds to midnight. The setting remains unchanged from last year and showcases the sustained and unprecedented danger our world is currently in.

Since it was created in 1947, the Doomsday Clock has served as a symbolic countdown to potential global extinction, with midnight symbolizing the apocalyptic endpoint.

The organization’s decision unveils a severe warning: despite the consistent threat level, the world must not think it is stable but instead recognize the urgent call for action across the globe.

Adjusting the clock’s setting falls on the Bulletin’s Science and Security Board’s shoulders, supported by its Board of Sponsors. The board considers the relative safety of humanity. It compares current global risks against those of previous years and the history of the clock.

The board’s decision for 2023 was influenced by several escalating threats: the ongoing war in Ukraine, the collapse of nuclear arms agreements, the climate crisis marked by 2023 as the hottest year recorded, advancements in genetic engineering, and the fast development of generative AI technologies.

These factors together increase the risk of nuclear conflict, make climate-related catastrophes worse, and make fighting disinformation through emerging technologies more difficult.

Rachel Bronson, the president and CEO of the Bulletin, emphasized the need for governmental and public response. He also highlighted the hands-on role of younger generations in addressing these threats.

The statement released with the Doomsday Clock’s setting delivered a grave reminder of the trends leading humanity towards potential disaster. However, it also issued a message of hope for change, suggesting that efforts can reverse these dangerous trends and save humanity from the brink of destruction.

Bill Nye was among the speakers at the announcement. He reminded the scientific community of the self-imposed dangers of technological and environmental mismanagement.