Famous ‘Outdoorsman’ Dead

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(Patriot.Buzz) – In a sad loss for adventure fans across the country, Buck McNeely, the esteemed host of the acclaimed adventure television series “The Outdoorsman,” recently passed away at the age of 63, as confirmed by Fox News Digital.

His death was a peaceful one, occurring in his sleep, as disclosed by his son Max in a heartfelt Facebook tribute.

Max’s tribute explicitly expressed the profound grief and irreplaceable loss experienced by the McNeely family. He compared his father to Superman, praising him as a true superhero and an exemplary role model.

In keeping with his father’s legacy, Max also assured fans of “The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely” that the show would continue, noting his own years of preparation and experience working alongside his father.

“The Outdoorsman with Buck McNeely” initially premiered on the Tempo Network in 1987 and gained widespread popularity, being broadcast on numerous channels, including FOX Sports, The Outdoor Channel, and the USA Network.

Buck McNeely’s early exposure to diverse cultures and environments, stemming from his father’s Air Force career, was vital in developing his passion for storytelling and multimedia, which he further developed during his college years in Modesto, California.

Max highlighted his father’s remarkable journey from a college project at SEMO to creating what became the world’s largest syndicated outdoor show, with a global reach of over 550 TV stations. Buck’s dedication to entertaining and enlightening his audience about various parts of the world was well-known, as was his love for interacting with his fans.

Max’s tribute condensed his father’s “Live Large” philosophy, a mantra that Buck McNeely truly embodied. Max pledged to uphold this legacy, acknowledging the challenges and the value of his father’s teachings.

Max concluded his tribute with a reminder of the brief nature of life and the importance of cherishing loved ones. Buck McNeely leaves behind his wife, Ladonna, and sons, Max and Rex, along with a legacy of adventure, exploration, and a life lived to the fullest.