Gingrich: ‘This Is Life and Death’

(Patriot.Buzz) – Highlighting the high stakes at play for the country in this year’s presidential election, former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich offered strategic counsel to the GOP regarding the forthcoming election by labeling it a significant battle.

On a recent segment of Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Gingrich joined Jesse Watters to deliberate on the growing concerns over election meddling from both the electorate and political figures.

Watters asked Gingrich’s perspective on the case of Craig Callaway, an ex-Atlantic City councilman charged with fraud for manipulating election outcomes through the bulk submission of absentee ballots.

Gingrich humorously criticized the situation by saying, “Why would you ask somebody who is a crook to describe himself as a crook when he can explain he was only borrowing a few things permanently? And I think Craig is a perfect example of that.”

Advocating for integrity in elections Gingrich proposed adopting the “French model” of election conduct, which enforces uniform voting procedures by having people vote the same day and requiring photo identification to verify each voter’s identity.

However he acknowledged the current U.S. electoral rules and suggested strategies for the GOP to secure victories under these conditions. According to Gingrich, Republicans must aim to surpass Democrats by a margin over 5% to avoid potential fraud, encourage early voting among their supporters and deploy a vast network of volunteers in critical urban areas to safeguard the election process.

“[Republicans] need to have the largest possible number of volunteers in Philadelphia, in Milwaukee, in Chicago — across-country trying to stop voter theft. This is a real fight. The Democrats understand this is life and death,” Gingrich emphasized and highlighted the urgent need for vigilance and proactive measures to ensure election fairness.

Watters echoed Gingrich’s sentiments and predicted a combative electoral battle ahead.

As anticipation builds for the next general election, early polling data from Emerson College survey suggests a tight race between the potential GOP frontrunner, former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with Trump narrowly leading.

The poll surveyed 1,225 registered voters and indicates a slight preference for Trump over Biden with a small percentage of voters remaining undecided.