GOP Patriots Get Exciting Prediction

(Patriot.Buzz) – GOP patriots are headed for a huge red wave this fall, as former CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza recently predicted that a Republican-controlled Senate is almost certain if former President Donald Trump wins the election.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Cillizza analyzed how the current balance in the Senate could shift with the election outcomes.

Right now, the Senate includes 47 Democrats, 49 Republicans and four independents who usually caucus with Democrats while Kamala Harris holds the tie-breaking vote, keeping Democrats in control.

Cillizza explained, “One seat pickup [is] necessary if Donald Trump wins for Republicans. If Donald Trump loses, they need to pick up two seats to be in the majority because then the tiebreaker would be a Democratic Vice President.”

“Okay, so one seat if Trump wins, two seats if Trump loses. Well, the map looks pretty good for Republicans … There are 23 Democratic seats up in 2024 in November,” he elaborated.

Cillizza went on to say, “There are 11 … Republican seats. And it’s actually even worse than that because of those 23 Democratic seats, three, West Virginia, Ohio, and Montana … went for Donald Trump by pretty considerable margins in 2020. And my guess is he’ll win in 2024 as well. Those are all held by Democrats currently but in states Trump won.”

He also noted the difference in the electoral landscape: “Out of the 11 Republican seats, there are zero that Joe Biden won. So not only do Democrats have more seats that they have to defend, those seats are in not great places for them to defend.”

Focusing on individual races, Cillizza discussed Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who left the Democratic Party and announced he is not seeking re-election.

“Now, I know there’s some talk he filed as an independent, but if he runs for anything in this year, I think it’s going to be governor, not for Senate again,” Cillizza said.

He predicted that West Virginia’s Republican Governor Jim Justice, who is running for Manchin’s seat, will likely win.

“That seat is going to go Republican,” he stated. “So, if Trump wins, Republicans probably have control of the Senate under that scenario. And that is 99.999% likely to happen.”

According to a May New York Times/Siena College survey, Trump is leading Joe Biden in five key swing states: Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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