Here’s Why Conservatives Hate MSNBC (Video)

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a bombshell admission of the leftwing media’s portrayal of conservatives, several MSNBC anchors mocked and ridiculed Virginia’s GOP primary voters for focusing on prioritizing the immigration crisis as a pressing issue.

Watch the video below.

During a Super Tuesday broadcast, anchors Jen Psaki, Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow started a discussion, and Psaki shared her personal observation of Virginia’s electorate, saying “I live in Virginia. Immigration was the No. 1 issue,” which prompted laughter from Reid.

Maddow then piped in to say “Well, Virginia does have a border with West Virginia, a — very contested area,” which was the other hosts found amusing.

The conversation then shifted to Reid, who said Republicans’ voting pattern suggested that factors other than economic self-interest, notably racial concerns, predominantly influence their choices.

She said:

“They don’t vote based on economics, or based on the benefits they’re getting economically from the president. They are voting on race; they are voting on this idea of an invasion of brown people over the border, the idea that they can’t get the job they want.”

She suggested that the Republican electorate is driven by fears and desires to exclude Black Americans from educational opportunities and dismantle diversity initiatives.

Reid’s comments underscored a leftwing belief that racial bias is a central element of Republican voters’ decision-making process rather than policy or economic considerations. This perspective was met with agreement from Psaki, who highlighted a shared view of the motivations behind the GOP’s alleged electoral choices.

This exchange came in the backdrop of recent polling data indicating that immigration has surged as a primary concern among U.S. citizens, surpassing government and economic issues for the first time in several years.

A Gallup survey revealed a significant disparity in the emphasis on immigration across political lines, with a majority of Republican respondents identifying it as a major issue in comparison to a smaller proportion of Democrats and independents.

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