HUGE: Biden Official Quits

(Patriot.Buzz) – Highlighting the infight brewing within the Democratic party due to U.S. support for its longtime ally, a policy advisor in the Department of Education’s Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development presented his resignation, citing disagreement with the Biden administration’s response to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In his resignation letter addressed to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, Tariq Habash expressed his inability to represent an administration that, in his view, fails to value all human life equally and overlooks the suffering of Palestinians.

Habash, a Palestinian-American, criticized the administration for its perceived indifference to what he described as atrocities against Palestinians, accusing it of complicity in the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

He condemned the administration’s lack of action in leveraging its influence as Israel’s principal ally to stop the punitive measures impacting Palestinians, including restrictions on essential supplies leading to widespread hardship.

The U.S. has consistently supported Israel in its conflict with Hamas, especially since the terrorist group’s attack on October 7, which resulted in over a thousand Israeli casualties. This unwavering support has led to internal criticism within the administration and among Biden’s political allies and campaign staff.

A group of 17 anonymous individuals involved in Biden’s reelection campaign also called for a ceasefire in an open letter. They highlighted the resignations of campaign volunteers demoralized by Biden’s stance on the conflict. The letter urged the administration to take a more balanced approach to address the concerns of voters troubled by the ongoing violence.

Similarly, some State Department officials have appealed for a ceasefire, and Biden’s allies have suggested that his close association with Israel might alienate young American voters in future elections.

In response to the crisis, the Biden administration has announced $100 million in humanitarian aid to the Palestinian territories. Furthermore, reports have surfaced of Kamala Harris advocating for a more sympathetic public stance towards Palestinian civilians, though the White House has disputed such claims, claiming unity within the administration.

Habash’s resignation letter also addressed the dangers of blending the actions of Israel with all Jewish people and the Palestinian people with Hamas, noting that such generalizations increase risks to the safety of these communities.