Kamala Claims What?

Kamala Harris

(Patriot.Buzz) – Dismissing reality with an unwavering display of confidence in the face of mounting pressure from all political angles, Kamala Harris claimed that the Biden campaign will secure victory in the 2024 presidential election, regardless of the Republican nominee.

In a candid interview with ABC News, Harris was questioned about the administration’s stance on the potential GOP candidate. With a tone of certainty, Harris stated, “Well, let me just tell you this. No matter who the Republican nominee is, we’re winning. We’re winning.”

When Chief White House correspondent Mary Bruce asked about the likelihood of former President Donald Trump being their opponent, Harris responded confidently, “I don’t know, but look, if it is Donald Trump, we beat him before and we’ll beat him again.”

Trump’s early victory in the Iowa caucuses makes him a formidable contender in his pursuit of returning to the White House, marking a significant initial triumph in the race.

Speaking to Fox News Digital’s Brooke Singman, Trump said he was honored by his victory’s early call, stating, “It really is an honor that, minutes after, they’ve announced I’ve won—against very credible competition — great competition, actually.”

Trump’s margin of victory in Iowa set a new record, surpassing the largest margin that the late Senator Bob Dole achieved in 1988. In response, Joe Biden acknowledged Trump as the “clear front-runner on the other side at this point.”

Harris has consistently expressed confidence in Biden’s ability to triumph over Trump in a potential rematch. During an interview with CBS’ Bill Whitaker in late October, Harris reiterated her conviction in their victory when questioned about trailing Trump in several polls.

“Bill, we’re going to win. Let me just tell you that. We’re going to win. And I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. But we will win,” she declared. Whitaker noted her conviction, to which Harris replied, “I have no doubt, but I also have no doubt it’s going to be a lot of work. And everyone’s going to have to participate. This is a democracy.”

Harris’ belief in the Democratic ticket’s success contrasts the mounting challenges faced by everyday Americans battling with rising prices and economic hardships.