NEW: MTG Slams Speaker Johnson

(Patriot.Buzz) – Getting ready for a fight that could see the House without a Republican Speaker once again, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is not holding back her criticism of Speaker Mike Johnson as Congress gears up for a new session.

In a thorough five-page memo to her colleagues, Greene tore into the Speaker’s performance and pinpointed areas where she believes he has fallen short, like his strategy on government funding and Ukraine aid.

The congresswoman is also mulling over a proposal to oust Johnson, asserting he is not effectively championing the GOP conference.

Greene’s letter did not mince her words: “With so much at stake for our future and the future of our children, I will not tolerate this type of Republican ‘leadership.’”

Greene did not shy away from calling out Johnson for not fulfilling any of the seven objectives he set for himself during his Speakership campaign: from restoring trust and promoting members to building coalitions and expanding the GOP majority.

According to Greene, Johnson’s speakership has been marked by a “complete and total surrender to, if not complete and total lockstep with, the Democrats’ agenda that has angered our Republican base so much and given them very little reason to vote for a Republican House majority.”

This ongoing rift between Greene and Johnson escalated last month when Greene introduced a motion to vacate and challenged Johnson’s leadership during a critical vote on a $1.2 trillion funding bill.

Although she did not specify when she might force a vote on her resolution, the move is seen as a clear message to Johnson against the controversial issue of Ukraine aid—a matter that Johnson insists on bringing to the floor.

Greene further slammed Johnson for changing his stance on Ukraine aid from opposing it to prioritizing the issue. “The American people disagree— they believe our border is the only border worth fighting a war over, and I agree with them,” she added.

Moreover, Greene criticized Johnson for not handling the fiscal 2024 government funding process correctly and accused him of bypassing the rules, complicating the appropriations process and failing to secure significant victories for the GOP in the funding packages.

In response, Johnson said he respected Greene and highlighted the challenges of navigating a narrow majority while emphasizing how important it was to address the crisis at the southern border as a condition for any funding considerations.

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