Trump, DeSantis Declare Truce?!

(Patriot.Buzz) – After a combative Republican presidential primary, Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump, both major figures in Florida’s political scene, seem about to resolve their differences and declare a truce.

The duo just gathered in Miami to discuss potential collaborations for the upcoming general election.

Initially reported by the Washington Post, this meeting was set up by Florida real estate broker Steve Witkoff and described as a productive session called up by Governor DeSantis, according to an insider from the Trump campaign.

Speaking to POLITICO, several of DeSantis’ financial backers labeled the reconciliation a strategic move.

DeSantis had previously said during a retreat in Hollywood that he intended to help Trump’s campaign by using the huge fundraising capabilities he displayed during his own 2022 gubernatorial reelection, where he raised over $200 million.

Key DeSantis fundraiser Roy Bailey supported the meeting’s outcome, underscored the benefits for all parties involved and highlighted the need for unity within the party.

This meeting marks a significant step for the governor and the former president toward mending their relationship after a fiercely competitive primary where personal attacks were common.

This gesture of truce might also boost DeSantis’ influence within the Republican Party, especially as he considers his role in the 2024 general election and the GOP convention.

Despite past collaborations, including when Trump was in office, their relationship soured when Trump said he was disappointed over DeSantis’ alleged ungratefulness.

After withdrawing from the presidential race, DeSantis endorsed Trump but criticized his electability and choice of running mate based on identity politics.

Trump responded harshly, even supporting political challengers against DeSantis-aligned candidates in Florida.

Despite this, DeSantis has not campaigned with Trump in Florida by citing the state’s lack of competitiveness in general elections.

As he moves through the political landscape, DeSantis has been actively engaging with donors and settling disputes.

For instance, he settled the lawsuit with Walt Disney World after he appointed a new official to oversee the company’s special taxing district.

This approach not only seeks to mend past conflicts but also reshape his public persona after he faced criticism for allegedly not being grateful enough toward his supporters.

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