Trump Gets Amazing News

(Patriot.Buzz) – Scoring a huge win amid the unashamed Democratic-led witch hunts targeting his pockets and businesses, former President Donald Trump’s wealth surged to a staggering $6.4 billion.

As disclosed in a report, this financial leap positions Trump among the Bloomberg Billionaires Index’s top 500 richest individuals globally for the first time ever following the successful merger of Digital World Acquisition Corp. and Trump Media & Technology Group Corp.

Previously, the peak of Trump’s financial portfolio was noted at $3.1 billion. The merger between Trump Media and the blank-check acquisition firm Digital World has significantly increased his net worth by $4 billion.

The newly merged entity is set to be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, symbolized by “DJT” to reflect Trump’s initials. This new arrangement sees Trump holding a 58% personal interest in the company.

Truth Social stands as Trump Media’s flagship venture, a social network that has earned Trump—under the handle @realDonaldTrump—over 6.7 million followers. The platform was created following Trump’s suspension from major social media outlets like Twitter (now X) and Facebook in the wake of the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

This considerable escalation in Trump’s wealth happens almost at the same time as a key legal triumph. A New York appellate court has recently ruled that Trump could post a significantly reduced bond of $175 million in the middle of his ongoing civil fraud litigation.

Trump’s counsel previously disclosed to the court the challenges faced in collecting the original $464 million bond amount despite consultations with over 30 underwriters.

The appellate court has now given Trump an extra 10-day period to arrange the bond payment, after which Democrat Attorney General Letitia James’ office may proceed with asset seizures in New York to satisfy the ruling.

“I have a lot of cash,” Trump assured during a press briefing and stated he was ready to promptly secure the bond. “We’ll put up cash or bond very quickly, securities, cash, or bond, whatever it is. We’ll put it up very quickly and we’ll win the case,” he said.

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