Trump’s Huge Promise

(Patriot.Buzz) – Providing a glimpse of the tough corrective measures he will adopt to get America back into good shape, former President Donald Trump made a bold statement regarding immigration policy.

During a recent Fox News town hall event, he pledged to initiate what he described as the “largest deportation effort in the history of our country” should he be reelected in November. Emphasizing the need for this plan, Trump said, “we have no choice.”

Trump, who is at the forefront of the Republican nomination race, expressed grave concerns about the scale of illegal immigration under Joe Biden’s administration. He estimated that as many as 18 million people will have entered the U.S. illegally by the end of Biden’s term, a situation he states is unsustainable for the nation.

Trump described many of these individuals as coming from prisons and mental institutions, and some of them are believed to be terrorists. This stance marks a continuation of the hardline immigration policies that were a trademark of his 2016 campaign.

In his critique of Biden’s border policies, which he labeled “the worst border in the history of the world,” Trump also stated his intention to complete the construction of a wall along the Southern border.

Trump’s appearance at the town hall was characterized by a more subdued tone compared to his typically energetic rallies and involved answering questions from Iowa Republicans. While he sharply criticized DeSantis, he was less confrontational towards Haley despite her rising poll numbers.

During the event, Trump also addressed accusations of potential authoritarianism if reelected. He downplayed these concerns, pointing to the current administration’s abysmal performance.

He discussed his administration’s foreign policy achievements, observing that his leadership prevented wars and would have deterred actions like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and attacks by Hamas against Israel.

The town hall marked Trump’s first live appearance on Fox News since April 2022, following a period of strained relations between him and the network. Despite controversies surrounding Trump, he remains a dominant figure in Republican presidential nomination polls.

The Real Clear Politics average shows him leading significantly over Haley and DeSantis nationally, with a somewhat narrower lead in Iowa and a closer race in New Hampshire.