US Sports Star Missing in Mexico

(Patriot.Buzz) – Mexican authorities have arrested several individuals linked to the disappearance of three foreign tourists, including an American surfer and two Australians who went missing in Baja California, Mexico.

The missing persons were identified as U.S. citizen Jack Carter Rhoad and Australian siblings Callum and Jake Robinson.

According to the Robinson family, the trio was last seen last week and their disappearance was officially reported two days later.

The three men were reportedly on a surfing trip near Ensenada, about 60 miles south of Tijuana, when they vanished.

According to Baja California chief public prosecutor Maria Elena Andrade Ramirez, search efforts in the area uncovered tents, a vehicle and a cellphone believed to belong to the group.

“At this moment a team of investigators is in the location where it seems they were seen for the last time, where tents were found along with some evidence that could be related to these three people included in the investigation,” Ramirez stated during a news conference.

A woman and two men linked to the case have been brought in for questioning. Australian media outlet ABC News reported that the tourists’ burned car was located on a ranch south of Ensenada, which led to the arrest of two men.

Before this, a 23-year-old woman was arrested after she was found with a phone belonging to one of the Australian brothers.

The two men, who are brothers and one of whom is romantically involved with the arrested woman, had drugs with them at the time of their arrest.

The Australians’ family shared on Facebook that the group was supposed to check into an Airbnb in Rosarito after their camping trip but never arrived. The mother said she was especially worried for Callum, who is a type one diabetic.

Callum and Jake’s parents said that their sons had been at the Coachella festival before crossing into Mexico.

Callum, who plays for Australia’s national lacrosse team and lives in San Diego, was joined by his brother Jake for what was supposed to be an unforgettable journey.

Discussing the incident, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said:

“This is a really concerning situation. We certainly hope that these brothers are found safely but there is real concern about the fact that they’ve gone missing. Their mother is obviously very distressed about this and we just hope for a positive outcome.”

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