Hunter Biden’s New Threat

Hunter Biden sign

(Patriot.Buzz) – Hunter Biden’s legal representatives have apparently issued a letter threatening legal action against Fox News.

In their renewed attack on the free press, Hunter’s team said they would sue the news outlet for what they claim is the “unlicensed commercial exploitation” of Joe Biden’s son’s likeness and other alleged offenses.

According to NBC News, Mark Geragos, a lawyer representing Hunter, warned Fox Corporation and Fox News Digital that the team would intend to seek compensation for damages over an alleged conspiracy to defame Hunter and exploit his image without permission.

Dated April 23 and signed by Geragos and Geragos law firm partner Tina Glandian, the letter set a deadline of April 26 for Fox News to respond.

Reportedly, Hunter’s legal team has been considering legal action against Fox for more than a year, accusing the network of attacking Hunter to boost ratings and gain profit.

“For the last five years, Fox News has relentlessly attacked Hunter Biden and made him a caricature in order to boost ratings and for its financial gain,” Geragos stated.

He added, “The recent indictment of FBI informant Smirnov has exposed the conspiracy of disinformation that has been fueled by Fox, enabled by their paid agents and monetized by the Fox enterprise. We plan on holding them accountable.”

The letter specifically mentions Fox News’ coverage of bribery allegations involving Alexander Smirnov and Burisma, accusing the network of presenting unverified information as “highly credible.”

It also demands retractions and corrections from several Fox News anchors, including Sean Hannity and Maria Bartiromo.

Additionally, the letter accuses Fox News of airing “intimate images” that were “hacked, stolen, and/or manipulated” particularly during a series titled “The Trial of Hunter Biden.”

Hunter’s legal team is demanding that the series be removed from all streaming services.

This letter follows a previous communication Hunter’s legal team sent to Fox News to say they would escalate the legal dispute between the parties.

Hunter Biden is facing charges related to the illegal purchase of a firearm under drug influence and tax evasion for failing to pay over $1 million.

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