Biden ‘Is In Trouble’

Joe Biden

(Patriot.Buzz) – Underscoring the extreme left’s grip on the Democratic Party, CNN’s John King recently highlighted a growing concern for Joe Biden, particularly in states like Michigan and among younger voters, due to the U.S. stance on Israel in its conflict with Hamas.

According to King, there’s a prevailing sentiment among young Americans that Biden hasn’t been assertive enough with Israel and should endorse calls for a ceasefire that would effectively aid the terrorist group Hamas.

During a conversation with CNN’s Poppy Harlow, King delved into the issue’s impact in Michigan, a state with a significant Arab-American population. Harlow inquired particularly about Rashida Tlaib’s Michigan district, noting Tlaib’s extremist position and her warning to Biden: “What about in a state like Michigan, I mean, Rashida Tlaib … has been the most outspoken, going as far as to say ‘voters, Democrats, will not forget, Mr. President, if you don’t call for a cease fire.’ You went there. And you talked to especially young voters. College students.”

King’s observations in Michigan, including visits to college campuses in Detroit and Ann Arbor and Tlaib’s district overlapping Dearborn, revealed a significant shift in sentiment among Arab-Americans, who had previously shown overwhelming support for Biden.

This shift is notably reflected in the Arab-American community’s media, as King mentioned: “If you pick up The Arab-American News right now, the newspaper on the front page are Arab Americans who voted Biden holding placards saying ‘Abandon Biden.’ So among Arab-American voters critical in Michigan, and look at this on college campuses, the president, at the moment, is in trouble.”

A Quinnipiac poll further underscored this trend, revealing a generational divide within the Democratic Party regarding views on Israel and Biden’s handling of the conflict. The poll indicated that a majority of Democrats under 35 question the United States’ interest in supporting Israel, with only 21% advocating for financial support to Israel.

Additionally, Biden faces pressure from the National Muslim Democratic Council, which includes Democratic leaders from pivotal swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. This council has threatened to withdraw support if Biden does not push for a ceasefire favoring Hamas, reflecting the left’s growing discontent with US support of Israel and the potential political repercussions for the Biden administration.