Biden Targeted; White House Attacked

Red light

(Patriot.Buzz) – With chants ranging from “Allahu akbar” to “F–k Joe Biden,” extreme-left protestors encircled the White House as tens of thousands rallied with pro-Palestinian messaging in Washington, D.C. Protestors accused Biden of genocide and vociferously demanded a ceasefire in Gaza.

The protestors’ refrain, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” echoed amidst the flutter of Palestinian flags, a chant that has sparked controversy due to its implication of eradicating the state of Israel and its people. Additionally, cries of “Long live the Intifada” harked back to the historical Palestinian uprisings, further heating the charged atmosphere.

Despite the lack of official confirmation of the numbers, estimates suggested that the crowd exceeded 100,000. As the demonstration progressed, the intensity escalated. Protestors smeared red paint on the White House gates and even shattered the windows of a nearby McDonald’s. The outburst even led to the arrest of one individual for property destruction.

While Biden was away at his Delaware home, the protestors outside the White House were diverse, including public figures like rapper Macklemore.

Across the country, the ripple effect of the protest was felt with over a thousand gathering in Manhattan, blocking traffic and rallying to the UN.

Meanwhile, in London, demonstrations saw at least 11 arrests, highlighting the global span of these protests.

In D.C., fiery speeches condemned U.S. support for Israel, including a recent $14.3 billion aid package, with one MC accusing Biden of genocide. Demonstrators, some of whom identified as staff for the Biden administration and Congress, amplified the call for a ceasefire.

Amongst the speakers, one spokesperson declared Biden guilty of “dehumanizing” Palestinians, while Marte White of the Community Movement Builders issued a confrontational endorsement of resistance “by any means necessary.”

The demonstration also took a turn as it paused to honor the “martyrs” lost in Gaza, underscoring the position of the protestors on the ongoing war.

Calls for economic boycotts against corporations supporting Israel’s defensive actions were made, with a particular focus on rejecting entities like Starbucks and McDonald’s.

As the event unfolded, the Palestinian national anthem played, and the protest dissipated almost as suddenly as it had begun, leaving behind a residue of signs and littering at the nation’s capital.