VIDEO: Antifa Attacks Charlie Kirk Event

(Patriot.Buzz) – The extreme left is getting increasingly dangerous, as Antifa members assaulted conservative reporter Jonathan Choe and several others during a University of Washington event featuring Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk.

Watch the videos below.

The incident happened in the university’s quad, where Choe and his security detail were ambushed, resulting in visible injuries and a security member bleeding from his face and neck.

News outlets detailed that the assaults occurred near an anti-Israel encampment on campus and prompted police to step in.

Responding to inquiries, the University of Washington emphasized that campus police were working to secure the event and surrounding areas.

“We take any assault seriously, and UWPD will be investigating these incidents, gathering statements and video footage that may be available,” it said.

The chaos at the event extended beyond this isolated attack, with social media videos capturing several attacks involving alleged Antifa members clashing with Kirk’s supporters.

However, the footage does not show who started the violence or how many people took part in it.

Despite the turmoil, Choe continued to cover the developments. He shared on X (formerly Twitter) that a hostile group wielding weapons started several confrontations with the event’s attendees.

Kirk himself addressed the situation on X and criticized the university for mishandling the disruptive elements, which he claimed were mostly non-students.

“After a successful evening event and day of tabling, ANTIFA is attempting to intimidate our attendees as the event ends. They are mostly non-students the university should immediately deal with but for some reason allow to roam free and bully the student body,” he stated.

In the middle of the tension, there was a fleeting moment of lighter interaction when some of Kirk’s supporters proposed a push-up contest to the activists, as noted in a social media update.

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