Biden’s Dirty Secret Exposed

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

America First Legal, through a Freedom of Information Act inquiry, uncovered that the former Vice President Joe Biden had extensive email communications – over 29,000 instances – with his son and brother concerning international business transactions.

Despite Biden’s consistent denials of any familiarity with his family’s overseas business activities, these revelations have prompted significant criticism. Observers and Republican investigators in Congress suggest these denials could constitute deliberate deception to the U.S. public from the onset of the 2020 presidential race, potentially bordering on criminal or grounds for impeachment.

America First Legal, in a public statement, emphasized that these startling figures intensify suspicions regarding the lack of boundaries between the Vice Presidential office and Hunter Biden’s business activities. Instead, there appears to have been significant overlap.

Earlier on Wednesday, America First Legal shared key discoveries on Twitter:

“Our lawsuit through FOIA against the National Archives has disclosed that the office of then-Vice President Biden had:

🚨19,335 emails involving Rosemont Seneca
🚨4,243 emails with Hunter Biden
🚨1,751 emails with Jim Biden
🚨3,738 emails connected to Jim’s Lion Hall Group”

The FOIA application was directed at the National Archives and Records Administration, an entity that former President Donald Trump has vocally criticized for being biased in favor of Biden and against him.

The specific details within the emails remain undisclosed; only the sheer number of communications was provided. NARA indicated that a thorough review of the materials would necessitate over 15 months, according to a report by The Federalist.

Biden had assured, even before the Democratic presidential primaries in 2020, that there would be a definitive divide between private business affairs and governmental duties.

“I’ve never talked about their business interests with my son, brother, or anyone else. That’s a firm rule,” Biden had stated emphatically.

During the singular 2020 presidential debate — with the cancellation of two others following Biden’s reluctance to engage with a COVID-19 afflicted Trump — former President Trump endeavored to confront Biden on these issues. However, he expressed frustration that the moderator from Fox News, Chris Wallace, appeared to help Biden in deflecting these allegations.