Democrat Mayor Does Biden’s Job For Him

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

During his visit to Mexico, New York City Mayor Eric Adams informed the media that New York City has reached its capacity, as he journeys through Latin America, aiming to deter migrants from moving towards New York.

Speaking in Puebla on a Thursday, the Democratic mayor conveyed to the state’s lawmakers, “We share a neighborhood. We’re like family,” and emphasized that migrants represent the city’s future and every single one of them is valuable.

“New York City’s capacity is full. While our compassion knows no bounds, our resources do,” Adams expressed to the press after his talk. He added that the city does not want to house individuals in crowded shelters or give them false hope of employment.

Highlighting the significant migrant population in New York, Adams mentioned that approximately 800,000 immigrants hail from Puebla. Moreover, the city has welcomed over 120,000 asylum seekers in the recent year. He underscored the immense contribution of the city’s migrant population during the global pandemic.

He pointed out, referencing the AP, “In the fight against COVID-19, it was the children of migrants who ensured our stores remained operational and were instrumental as first responders, transport, and healthcare workers. We overcame the challenges of COVID thanks to their presence in our city.”

On his four-day Latin American tour, Adams shared plans to visit countries including Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador, as well as the perilous Darién Gap – a dense jungle stretch between Panama and Colombia. During the recent United Nations General Assembly, he was informed by leaders about the intense movement of migrants navigating through this region, aiming for the U.S.-Mexico frontier.

In a press briefing earlier that week, Adams stated, “We advocate for open borders, which aligns with our city’s stance. However, we’ve been vocal about the need for a well-planned strategy to manage the influx into our city, ensuring that no city shoulders the responsibility that should be borne by the national government.”