Even CNN Says Biden In Trouble

Joe Biden

(Patriot.Buzz) – Showing an evident loss of confidence from liberal media, Harry Enten, CNN’s Senior Data Reporter, has raised concerns over Joe Biden’s significantly waning support among African-American voters, indicating that this trend may jeopardize his re-election prospects in four pivotal states.

Enten highlighted the dramatic drop in Biden’s approval ratings, particularly in South Carolina, where African-American support was instrumental in propelling his 2020 campaign.

In a detailed analysis, Enten pointed out, “His rating come election time in 2020 among black voters in South Carolina was 86%. Look where his job approval rating is today among black voters in that state. It’s just 63%, an over 20 point drop.” He further clarified that this decline is not isolated to South Carolina but is reflected nationwide.

The conversation with co-host Poppy Harlow brought up economic dissatisfaction as a contributing factor to Biden’s dwindling support. When discussing a theoretical electoral scenario pitting Biden against former President Donald Trump, Enten provided a sobering comparison: “In the 2020 pre-election surveys, Biden had a 75-point lead over Donald Trump. Look where we are today. Biden with just a 54-point lead over Donald Trump.” This represents a significant decline, highlighting a vulnerability in Biden’s support base.

The importance of African-American voters is particularly acute in states like Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, where they comprised more than 10% of the electorate in 2020. In these states, the drop in support for Biden among black voters could have a profound impact, potentially swinging the balance in tight races.

Additional polling data adds to the concern for Biden’s campaign team. A Fox News survey suggested Biden’s lead among African-American voters in a hypothetical matchup with Trump has shrunk to 74% from the 90% lead he once held. Similarly, an Associated Press poll from May indicated a gradual shift in African-American voter allegiance toward Trump.

The data presented by Enten underscores the challenges faced by the Biden administration in maintaining the robust support of African-American voters that was a cornerstone of his previous election success. The erosion of this demographic’s support is not just a warning sign for Biden’s re-election campaign but also a bellwether for the Democratic Party’s standing with one of its most loyal constituencies.