House Speaker: Fire Them!

(Patriot.Buzz) – Signaling zero sympathy for leftwing campaigners looking to disrupt the government, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) issued a firm warning to federal employees who plan to participate in a walkout to protest the U.S. approach to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In response to an AL-Monitor news article, Johnson emphasized his stance on X that such employees are not fulfilling their duties and, therefore, are betraying taxpayer trust.

Johnson was clear in his view that federal employees joining the work stoppage scheduled for tomorrow are failing in their responsibilities. He stated, “Any government worker who walks off the job to protest U.S. support for our ally Israel is ignoring their responsibility and abusing the trust of taxpayers. They deserve to be fired.”

He also expressed his intention to collaborate with House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, a fellow Republican, to ensure disciplinary proceedings are initiated against any federal employee participating in the walkout.

The planned protest is organized by a group called Feds United for Peace and is set to coincide with the 100th day of Israel’s military defensive campaign in Gaza. Israel’s actions are a response to a violent attack by Hamas terrorists on October 7, which resulted in the deaths of 1,200 and the kidnapping of over 200 Israelis.

The Hamas-backed Gaza health ministry reported that approximately 24,000 Palestinians have been killed in the last three months. In contrast, the Israeli military stated that it has neutralized around 9,000 Palestinian fighters and lost 189 of its own soldiers.

The protest is anticipated to draw federal workers across various agencies, including the Executive Office of the President and departments such as Defense, State, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs, along with agencies like the NSA, FDA, FAA, and EPA.

An organizer described the protest as a significant and unusual physical manifestation of dissent within the federal workforce.

This protest comes as Joe Biden faces increasing leftwing pressure over his support for Israel both within and outside the federal government. Addressing hecklers at a campaign event, Biden mentioned he is “quietly” encouraging Israel to withdraw significantly from Gaza. This statement followed Israeli officials’ decision to reduce troop levels in the region.

Meanwhile, anti-Israel demonstrators recently targeted the White House, expressing their discontent with Biden’s stance on the conflict. The demonstration included aggressive behavior and chants against Biden, prompting the Secret Service to evacuate non-essential staff from the area as a precaution.