Presidential Candidate Rages Against Israel

Israel flag

(Patriot.Buzz) – Promoting antisemitism as a campaign point, Dr. Cornel West, a former Ivy League professor and now independent presidential candidate, delivered a speech at a pro-Palestinian rally in late October. He fervently criticized the State of Israel, labeling its existence as “genocidal.”

“Let the word go forth here and now, that we stand with our brothers and sisters and siblings dealing with unbelievable assault and attack, genocidal on the one hand, but 75 years of it, and we still stand tall, they still stand tall, ’cause any time, yes, any time everyday people straighten their backs up they’re going somewhere, because folk can’t ride our back unless it’s bent, and we are standing in solidarity,” West stated in a video posted on X, former Twitter.

West’s reference to “75 years” pertains to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. Following the United Nations’ partition of the British Mandate into a Jewish and an Arab state, the State of Israel was formed. However, Palestinian Arabs, along with neighboring Arab states, opted to attempt the annihilation of the Jewish state instead of establishing a Palestinian Arab state. Israel managed to survive, and the portrayal of its very existence as “genocide” inverts historical facts, insinuating that Israel’s existence is illegitimate and should be obliterated.

While Israel is engaging Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza, it encourages civilians to seek safety in secure zones in the southern Gaza Strip. West’s call to fight mirrors the rhetoric of numerous terrorist organizations, which are preventing Palestinians from fleeing, favoring death over coexistence or capitulation.

Throughout the video, West did not denounce Hamas or terrorism against Israeli civilians, though he advocated for learning “how to live with Israeli brothers and sisters.” The specifics of his statement remain unclear, but one stance among pro-Palestinian activists in the West is that Israel should transition into a South African-style unitary state where Israelis and Palestinians cohabit.

The terror attack on October 7, where Palestinian Hamas terrorists committed atrocities against Israelis, has reinforced the strong Israeli conviction that such a unitary state would lead to the genocide of Israeli Jews. The antisemitism evident in pro-Palestinian rallies globally, like the one West attended, has further convinced Israelis of the lack of alternative refuge.

As reported by Breitbart News, West also participated in the rally holding an antisemitic banner that depicted “Zionism” as a snake, a prevalent motif in antisemitic imagery, particularly in Soviet anti-Israel propaganda.