RFK Changes His Mind

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

(Patriot.Buzz) – In the face of increasing public backlash, independent presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has discreetly revised his position on race-based reparations, according to a report from The New York Post.

Originally, the 69-year-old presidential aspirant’s campaign website mentioned his intent to “rebuild black infrastructure.” His proposed method was by granting “direct redress payments or tax credits” specifically to “victims of Jim Crow and other victims of persecution.” This policy garnered widespread attention and criticism after being highlighted by The Post, receiving over 5 million views on X.

Critics from both political spectrums voiced their concerns. Individuals leaning conservative argued that Kennedy had effectively alienated any support from the GOP, whereas liberal critics felt his proposals weren’t comprehensive enough.

In response to the criticisms, a day after The Post’s coverage, Kennedy’s campaign made modifications to his website. The updated policy broadened its focus from exclusively addressing Black communities to encompassing “devastated communities across the country.”

The revised statement on his website clarifies: “Targeted Community Repair will be available to devastated communities across the country, not just Black,” further explaining, “The criteria will be around need, not skin color… this program will channel significant resources toward the rebuilding of these most devastated of communities.”

Kennedy also took to social media to address a critique that accused him of supporting race-based reparations. He clarified, “My policy of Targeted Community Repair is not the same as race-based reparations. The program will make capital and resources available to the poorest and most desperate communities in America… But the criteria will be indicators like poverty, addiction rates, violence, etc. Not skin color,” as he stated on X.

Kennedy’s campaign has not provided an additional explanation for the policy change.

Kennedy, an environmental attorney and known vaccine skeptic, recently declared his independent candidacy. Before this, he had attempted to challenge Joe Biden in the Democratic Party’s primary elections. Political analysts are now speculating about the potential impact of his independent run on the general election, suggesting he might draw votes from both major political parties.