Abortion Back in the News

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a new push to force their liberal agenda on every American citizen, abortion advocates are taking their battle to the Florida Supreme Court to try and get a measure on the November ballot that would protect abortion access.

The court will look at whether the wording of this measure sticks to state guidelines in an upcoming hearing to issue a ruling before the April 1 deadline. The measure is known as Amendment 4 and has already gotten enough people to sign on to potentially make it onto the ballot if the Supreme Court rules favorably.

The proposed ballot text aims to prevent laws that block, penalize, delay or restrict abortion before the baby can survive outside the womb or when a healthcare provider judges that abortion is needed for the patient’s health.

If the measure goes through it could challenge Florida’s current abortion restrictions championed by Governor Ron DeSantis and conservative lawmakers to protect the life of the unborn. Right now Florida has a ban to prevent abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy and there is a law for a six-week ban that has not been enacted yet.

The liberal push in Florida is part of a larger effort seen in several states to safeguard abortion rights through ballot measures after scoring wins in places like Kansas and Ohio.

People supporting the abortion measure are hopeful it will reach the ballot and experts asserted that the court should only be checking if the measure is clear and sticks to one topic.

However the court leans heavily conservative with five justices appointed by DeSantis and they seem inclined to support the 15-week ban. Attorney General Ashley Moody and pro-life groups are fighting hard against the measure due to its confusing and misleading wording.

Moody criticized the measure for trying to trick voters into supporting virtually unlimited abortion access. She is specifically concerned about the definitions of “healthcare provider,” “viability” and “health” and suggested that the measure could lead to more permissive abortion laws.

She also wants the court to make it clear that government bodies still have their roles in defining and enforcing what counts as “viability” and “health.”