‘American Dream Doesn’t Exist Anymore’?!

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(Patriot.Buzz) – Facing the harsh reality of illegal crossings, aliens who’ve crossed the U.S. border are reconsidering their aspirations for a life in America, prompting a return to their home countries.

A notable example of this disillusionment is Michael Castejon, a 39-year-old Venezuelan who, along with his family, faced expected challenges after they arrived in the United States. Their experiences, shared with The Chicago Tribune, highlight the predicament of many illegal immigrants who hope to have it easy in a new country.

Castejon, his wife, and teenage stepdaughter underwent a reality check over five months, oscillating between sleeping in a Chicago police precinct and a city shelter. Contrary to their expectations, they were unable to secure a work permit or enroll the stepdaughter in a local school—key motivations for their migration. The inability to be given stability and essential needs led to a profound sense of disillusionment.

“The American dream doesn’t exist anymore,” Castejon told the Tribune. Despite the authoritarian regime in Venezuela, the family’s desire to return home underscores the severity of their disappointment. “There’s nothing here for us … we just want to be home,” he said. Their anticipated journey, filled with hope and ambition, instead became a story of hardship and unmet expectations. “We didn’t know things would be this hard. I thought the process was faster,” Castejon expressed.

Struggling to provide for his family without employment, Castejon reached out to Catholic Charities of Chicago. This organization has been aiding numerous immigrant families who find themselves in similar predicaments, disillusioned by the American experience. With their assistance, Castejon planned to return his family to Venezuela via Texas, a decision fueled by desperation rather than preference.

“How many more months of living in the streets will it take?” Castejon questioned, expressing a preference for familiar struggles over the uncertainty and challenges in the U.S. “No, no more. It’s better that I leave. At least I have my mother back home,” he added.

This sentiment, echoed by many illegal migrants facing similar situations, reflects a stark reality: the American dream, once a beacon of hope for countless legal immigrants, has become an elusive concept for some, overshadowed by the harsh realities of life as an alien in the United States.