Biden Attacks Obama Adviser

Joe Biden

(Patriot.Buzz) – Highlighting the current administration’s atrocious chances at reelection, journalist Jonathan Martin scrutinized Joe Biden’s re-election tactics in a recent Politico column, notably criticizing his private remarks about former Obama adviser David Axelrod and his public handling of polling data. Martin argued that such strategies were ineffective in securing electoral success.

Martin highlighted an incident where Biden allegedly referred to Axelrod as a “p—-” in private, a comment Martin deemed unhelpful in Biden’s quest for 270 electoral votes. He also pointed out the futility of Biden’s public disputes over polling results with the White House press corps, suggesting these actions would not enhance Biden’s chances in the 2024 election.

“Calling David Axelrod ‘a p—-,’ as a person who has heard Biden use the word says he does in private, is not a strategy to win 270 electoral votes. And repeating a PG version of the same animus in public while litigating polling with the White House press corps also won’t make Biden’s re-election any likelier,” Martin expressed in his piece.

Axelrod himself has publicly questioned the wisdom of Biden seeking re-election, especially given unfavorable polls in key swing states and concerns within the Democratic Party regarding Biden’s age and ability to defeat Trump again. These concerns were echoed during a press interaction when Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy questioned Biden about polls showing him trailing Trump.

“Because you don’t read the polls — there are 10 polls — eight of them I’m beating him in. You guys only do two. CNN, New York Times, check it out. We’ll get you a copy,” was Biden’s response.

Martin identified Biden’s age and the cost of living as primary concerns among voters and Democratic elites. He criticized Biden’s denial of these challenges and dissatisfaction with press coverage, noting such attitudes do not bolster his chances against Trump.

Martin described the upcoming 2024 election as “extraordinary,” underscoring Biden’s unique position as the oldest president in history and his limited capacity for traditional campaigning. Martin observed that Biden’s age and the cautious approach of his staff, which often shield him from the press, necessitated a modified campaign strategy akin to a “Rose Garden campaign.”

Martin also highlighted Axelrod’s comments to CNN about the president’s age being a significant factor in public perception, saying, “The one number in the polling that was concerning, and in the CNN poll that followed after The New York Times poll, had to do with age, and that is one thing you can’t reverse no matter how effective Joe Biden is behind the scenes. In front of the camera, what he’s projecting is causing people concerns, and that is worrisome.”

At the time of writing, the White House had not responded to these comments.