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(Patriot.Buzz) – Debunking some wild theories championed by the left to exert control over the population, doctors challenge the validity of the term “long COVID” and demand it no longer be used in the medical community since it affects millions of individuals in the U.S.

This criticism originates from Queensland, Australia’s chief health officer, who argues that labeling persistent symptoms following COVID-19 as “long COVID” suggests a unique approach that does not exist when compared to the after-effects of other viral infections like the flu.

These long-standing symptoms, including fatigue and breathlessness, are more accurately described as post-viral syndrome, according to Dr. John Gerrard.

Dr. Gerrard blasted the terminology for spreading fear and potentially hindering recovery, stating, “We believe it is time to stop using terms like ‘long Covid’. They wrongly imply there is something unique and exceptional about longer term symptoms associated with this virus.”

He added, “This terminology can cause unnecessary fear, and in some cases, hypervigilance to longer symptoms that can impede recovery.”

This commentary follows a thorough study on long COVID conducted in Queensland, which surveyed 5,112 adults diagnosed with either COVID or flu during a specific period in 2022.

A follow-up a year later evaluated ongoing symptoms and their impact on daily life to reveal that 16% reported persistent symptoms, with 3.6% experiencing moderate to severe interruption in daily activities.

The study found no significant difference in long-term health outcomes between those who had COVID and those with other viral infections, shutting down the notion that long COVID is a distinct condition.

Set for presentation at a clinical microbiology and infectious diseases conference in Barcelona, the findings reinforce Dr. Gerrard’s viewpoint and emphasized the need for further research into post-viral syndromes without singling out COVID-19.

Echoing these sentiments A&E consultant Dr. Rob Galloway criticized the broad application of the “long COVID” label in a commentary and highlighted its potential to negatively affect patient mental health and deter the investigation of other causes for their symptoms.

Dr. Janet Scott from the University of Glasgow acknowledged the similarity between long COVID and other post-infection syndromes and cautioned against diminishing the deep personal and economic toll it imposes on affected individuals.

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