Crime Forcing Famous Store to Close

(Patriot.Buzz) – In a testament to the alarmingly high crime rates under the Biden administration, a historic toy store in San Francisco known for inspiring Disney’s “Toy Story” movies is closing down.

Claiming to be the oldest in San Francisco, Jeffrey’s Toys will shut its doors for good on February 10th. The reasons behind the closure are complex, involving decreased foot traffic in the downtown area, increasing operational costs, and a rise in crime.

Matthew Luhn, who runs Jeffrey’s Toys with his father and stepmother, spoke to the SFGATE website about their challenges. He pointed out that online shopping has also hurt their business.

However, the most troubling issues plaguing downtown San Francisco are rampant drug use, theft, and violence. Luhn shared a disturbing incident where an employee who had been at the store for five years quit after a violent attack.

Luhn also expressed frustration with the city’s leadership. He believes that the store’s dedication and hard work have not been matched by support from the city. They hoped for financial assistance and a stronger stance against crime, particularly against the illegal sale of stolen goods.

Luhn himself has a special connection to the Toy Story franchise. As one of the animators of the original movie, he recalls how his father would bring ideas to the team and how the store served as inspiration and reference for the films. The store was a creative space for the animators to play and explore ideas.

The store’s closure was announced on its Facebook page, prompting reactions from the public. Some suggested relocating to places like Texas to avoid San Francisco’s issues, while others blamed the city’s political climate and governance for the store’s demise.

This closure reflects a broader issue in San Francisco. Since the pandemic, the city has seen an increase in crime, drug problems, and homelessness, along with empty tech offices.

This environment has led to several major retailers leaving the city. Stores like Walgreens, Whole Foods, and Nordstrom cited crime and street conditions as reasons for their departures.

The Westfield Mall downtown also faced serious security challenges, prompting its owners to cease payments and leave the city. Other big names like AT&T, Banana Republic, Starbucks, Target, Disney, and Anthropologie have recently closed stores in San Francisco.