Father: ‘I Stand Before You a Heartbroken Man’

(Patriot.Buzz) – Expressing the heartbreak that only a parent could convey after losing a child, Laken Riley’s father, made a heartfelt plea to Governor Brian Kemp during a state senate address.

Riley is still dealing with the aftermath of losing his daughter to a murder committed by a Venezuelan alien who illegally entered America and headed to Georgia.

Pouring his soul out, Riley said:

“I stand before you a heartbroken man. Part of my purpose has been taken. God gave me a beautiful daughter to father, protect, provide for, and nurture. A man with an evil heart stole her life. He was in this country and this state illegally.”

During the gathering, Riley called for decisive action against the illegal immigration crisis that led to his daughter’s untimely death.

Addressing the senators with profound sorrow, Riley advocated for a declaration of invasion to intensify efforts to catch and deport individuals unlawfully living in the state, particularly those with criminal records and behaviors.

His speech highlighted the broader issue of human smuggling, trafficking and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals within Georgia and emphasized the urgent need for protective measures.

In response to this tragedy, the Georgia House advanced legislation to penalize jurisdictions that fail to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement, and the bill now pends discussions in the Senate.

Riley urged senators to acknowledge the over million illegal immigrants present in Georgia, as such a scenario is linked to heightened public anxiety. He also linked sanctuary cities’ policies, like those in Athens-Clarke County, with his daughter’s murder.

Jose Antonio Ibarra, the individual accused of killing Laken Riley, had a history of encounters with law enforcement, including an arrest in New York for endangering a minor and a shoplifting citation in Athens.

Despite these incidents, local leadership in Athens, represented by Mayor Kelly Girtz, warned against merging the topics of immigration and criminal activity by arguing that there is no evidence that both topics are correlated.

Athens’ 2019 council resolution was aimed at fostering a welcoming environment for all residents regardless of their legal status, which underscores the city’s commitment to inclusivity by receiving illegals.

However Riley’s tragic loss and his subsequent plea to state officials reflect the deeply polarized views on immigration and public safety, fueling ongoing debates over the Biden administration’s lack of willingness to address the migration crisis crippling America.

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