Hunter Biden ‘High or Drunk’ When He Did WHAT?!

Hunter Biden sign

(Patriot.Buzz) – Doing himself no favors in the face of a major investigation into potential criminal dealings, Hunter Biden said he was either “high or drunk” when he sent a controversial 2017 message to a Chinese associate saying his father was with him during a significant financial transaction.

During a recent bombshell congressional deposition, Hunter’s revelation was part of his testimony under subpoena in the impeachment inquiry focusing on Joe Biden.

According to a readout shared with various media outlets, the 54-year-old first son claimed Joe had no involvement in the negotiations with CEFC China Energy, a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

Hunter described the WhatsApp message that suggested his father’s presence as a mistake made under the influence, intended for a different recipient and now a source of embarrassment for him.

Despite the claims, evidence suggests Hunter was at his father’s home in Wilmington, Del., on the day he sent the text while another source corroborated Hunter’s claims of being intoxicated while writing the message.

Treated as a sensitive session due to its nature and the potential legal ramifications of discussing its content prematurely, the deposition has reignited discussions about the Biden family’s business dealings.

IRS agent Joseph Ziegler and supervisor Gary Shapley last year provided Congress with the WhatsApp message and accused the Justice Department of a cover-up to protect the Bidens.

CEFC China Energy’s transactions with the Biden family, particularly a $3 million payment following Joe’s meeting with CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, have been a focal point of scrutiny. Moreover, emails from Hunter’s laptop suggested Joe was to receive a 10% share in a venture with CEFC.

Within days of Hunter’s warning message, $5.1 million was transferred from CEFC to accounts linked to the Bidens, as per a 2020 Senate report.

Despite substantial evidence, including emails, witness testimonies and photographs indicating Joe’s interactions with his son and brother’s business associates from various countries, Joe has consistently denied any business discussions with them.

The six-and-a-half-hour testimony led to debates among committee members over whether the evidence met the constitutional standard for impeachment. The inquiry also touched on Hunter’s income sources since his father became president, including art sales that reportedly netted at least $1.5 million.