Hunter Biden Investigation Deepens

Hunter Biden sign

(Patriot.Buzz) – Stepping up the probe against the most infamous American crime family, the House Oversight Committee under Republican leadership issued a legal subpoena to AT&T in order to further the investigation on Hunter Biden and his family’s business deals.

In an official letter to AT&T, House Oversight Chairman James Comer explained the committee’s intention to obtain a comprehensive log of phone records connected to Hunter spanning almost a decade and a half.

Additioanlly, the Committee plans to analyze the suitability of the grounds for drafting impeachment articles against Joe Biden and their potential consideration before the entire House.

This effort is a joint endeavor alongside the House Committee on the Judiciary and the House Committee on Ways and Means, which outlined the basis for this inquiry in a document dated September 27, 2023.

Following this the House of Representatives mandated the continuation of this probe via a resolution on December 13, 2023.

Chairman Comer’s letter specifies the committee’s demand for certain AT&T records relevant to the impeachment inquiry and invoked his authority under Rule XI, clause 2(m)(1)(B) of the Rules of the House of Representatives and Rule 12(g) of the Committee’s Rules.

The committee’s interest lies in records related to AT&T customer Mr. Robert Hunter Biden as part of its broader investigation into the financial dealings associated with the Biden family and their business associates.

This examination has revealed a complex financial trail, notably through corporate bank accounts of third-party associates receiving funds from international companies and individuals.

These funds were subsequently allocated to various Biden family members in a series of staggered payments over time.

As delineated in the subpoena AT&T is required to submit the requested records to the committee by the March 20, 2024, deadline.

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