Illegals Overrun Troops; Biden Blamed – Video

(Patriot.Buzz) – Earning all the credit for the alarming migration crisis crippling America, Joe Biden has found himself at the center of controversy for a recent huge alien wave at our southern border.

Video footage spread like wildfire online showing a large group of young men forcefully bypassing Texas National Guard members and unlawfully entering the United States from the southern border.

Watch the video below.

Captured by the New York Post, this footage showcases the aliens dismantling razor wire barriers and fencing before making their way past the soldiers.

After the video garnered widespread attention, Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott provided a brief overview of the developments in El Paso.

He informed the public that the Texas National Guard and the Department of Public Safety promptly reestablished control over the situation and reinforced the razor wire barriers in the process.

Abbott then issued arrest orders for of all those involved in the illegal crossing on charges of criminal trespass and property damage.

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin said that according to Texas law enforcement sources, the group mainly consisted of several hundred single adult males who overwhelmed the soldiers, which led to the arrest of at least one individual for assaulting a soldier.

Melugin suggested further arrests were possible in relation to property damage and additional assaults.

This incident sparked a flurry of reactions among prominent Republican politicians who specifically blamed Biden’s open border policies for the breach and demanded he take decisive action.

For instance, Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa criticized Biden for his role in creating the crisis at the southern border and called for the border wall to be completed.

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas expressed on social media that the situation amounts to an invasion and accused critics of distorting the issue.

Senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin and Representative Dan Crenshaw from Texas echoed Cruz’s sentiments, with Johnson calling the administration’s response inadequate and Crenshaw highlighting the severity of the border situation.

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick also took to social media to label the event as clear evidence of an invasion and criticized the Biden administration for its lax stance on border security. He called for a change in leadership at the White House to address the issue effectively.

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