Joe Rogan’s Warning

Jow Rogan's podcast

(Patriot.Buzz) – Highlighting the Democratic Party’s resigned reliance on Joe Biden, Joe Rogan engaged in a nuanced discussion with athlete and physician Dr. Sean Baker, focusing on the left’s potential strategies for the 2024 election.

In a recent episode of his widely-followed podcast, Rogan, known for his candid commentary, expressed his viewpoint that the Democrats are left with “no cards” and will likely have to depend heavily on “party loyalty” in the upcoming presidential race.

The conversation touched upon the role of California Governor Gavin Newsom, a prominent Democratic figure. Rogan critiqued Newsom’s governance, particularly highlighting the ineffective measures in tackling homelessness in California.

He pointed out the contrast in the state’s approach when hosting foreign dignitaries like Chinese President Xi Jinping, suggesting that the state’s actions were more about managing appearances than genuinely addressing the residents’ concerns.

Amidst this political landscape, Baker speculated about Newsom’s potential presidential ambitions. However, the immediate focus shifted to the forthcoming election and Biden’s candidacy.

Given the current scenario, Rogan speculated that the Democrats might feel compelled to let Biden run again unless unforeseen circumstances arise, such as his sudden death. He elaborated on the implications if Biden were unable to continue, bringing Kamala Harris into the equation and the chaos her ascension to presidency would entail.

Baker proposed a scenario wherein Biden might step down, paving the way for Harris to become the first female president, only to potentially step down at the Democratic Convention, possibly in favor of Newsom. Rogan acknowledged this as a possibility but also noted the backlash it would create, especially for Harris’ supporters.

Rogan further opined that the Democrats might be banking on the legal prosecution of former President Donald Trump to bolster their chances in the next election. He expressed skepticism about the charges against Trump, likening the situation to “banana republic tactics,” which see the political establishment exploiting the legal system for political gain.

Throughout the discussion, Rogan and Baker shared their perspectives on the current political dynamics, scrutinizing the strategies and increasingly diminishing chances of the Democratic Party as it navigates a bumpy road toward the 2024 presidential election.