Lindsey Graham Threatens WHAT?!

Lindsay Graham

(Patriot.Buzz) – Highlighting a thorny issue heightened by the war in Israel, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina expressed profound frustration with his GOP colleague, Senator Tommy Tuberville from Alabama, over Tuberville’s obstruction of numerous military promotions.

The issue at hand revolves around the Pentagon’s policy on abortion, which Tuberville opposes. During a heated late-night Senate session, Graham starkly warned that he might side with Democrats to overcome Tuberville’s blockade, which has hindered the advancement of about 450 military nominees for almost a year.

Graham, an Air Force veteran, criticized the blockade’s rationale, emphasizing its detriment to the pro-life movement. He stated, “I promise you this: This will be the last holiday this happens. If it takes me to vote to break loose these folks, I will.”

He added, “To my pro-life friends: You’re not advancing this cause. You’re hurting this cause if the average American believes that the reason these people are getting blocked from promotion is because of a policy choice they didn’t make.”

This declaration highlights the growing rift within the GOP and the increasing pressure on Tuberville. Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) plans to introduce a bill post-Thanksgiving recess to confirm the nominees en bloc, bypassing Tuberville’s hold. This proposal, however, raises concerns about diminishing the Senate’s traditional power of individual consent over confirmations.

While initially resistant, Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell has hinted at potential support for Schumer’s maneuver. McConnell criticized the Pentagon’s policy and Tuberville’s approach, noting the necessity of timely appointments of experienced military commanders.

Democrats will need at least nine Republican votes to pass the legislation. Still seeking an alternative resolution, Tuberville remains non-committal about revealing his strategy.

The Senate’s overnight session, which followed a vote to prevent a government shutdown, saw attempts by Republican Senators Joni Ernst, Todd Young, Dan Sullivan, and Graham to confirm military nominees individually, which Tuberville consistently objected to. Senator Mike Lee of Utah defended Tuberville’s tactic as a legitimate exercise of Senate rules.

Graham, increasingly exasperated, accused Tuberville of compromising national defense and suggested legal action against the Pentagon’s policy. He revealed consultations with Jay Sekulow, a former attorney for President Trump, regarding a potential lawsuit. Despite Pentagon officials and some Republicans arguing that the holds jeopardize national security, Tuberville denies these claims.

Graham, aligning with Tuberville’s view on the policy’s legality, urged, “You say [the Pentagon‘s abortion policy is] illegal. I tend to agree with you. Go to court,” expressing his unwillingness to accept what he perceives as a threat to national defense.