Major Airline Diverted, Biohazard Issue

Losmurfs at the English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

A Delta Airlines journey originating from Atlanta, Georgia and bound for Barcelona, Spain had to return to Atlanta due to a medical situation onboard. The incident involved a passenger having severe gastrointestinal issues that affected the plane’s environment.

Flight tracking website,, indicates that Delta Flight DL194 was roughly two hours into its journey when it made the decision to reroute over Virginia, returning to Atlanta.

An individual, active on a platform previously known as Twitter and often sharing flight-related content, posted an audio clip from the Airbus A350 sourced from

In this audio, one can hear the pilot communicating to air traffic control about a “biohazard concern.”

The pilot stated, “A passenger has had significant gastrointestinal problems throughout the cabin, prompting our return to Atlanta.”

Delta’s representative verified to Fox News Digital that there was no emergency landing due to the biohazard, but the plane did revert to its starting point.

They said, “Delta flight 194, en route from Atlanta to Barcelona, turned back to Atlanta because of a medical situation onboard. Our team made every effort to clean the aircraft efficiently and safely to ensure passengers could continue their journey. We deeply regret any inconvenience this caused to our passengers.”

The plane, carrying 336 passengers, successfully touched down the next day, running 8 hours and 6 minutes behind its expected arrival.