Mayorkas Slams ‘False Accusations’

(Patriot.Buzz) – After being investigated for failing to fulfill his duties and keep America safe, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas recently slammed Republican members of Congress.

In a seven-page letter, Mayorkas defended himself against the possibility of impeachment. He also criticized what he labels as politically driven accusations and personal attacks against him.

Mayorkas has spent the last three years managing the border, during which illegal crossings have sharply increased. Despite criticism from Republicans, he insists that he is not shaken by what he sees as “false accusations.”

Motivated by the ongoing migrant crisis, the House Homeland Security Committee is set to vote on two articles of impeachment against Mayorkas.

The first article accuses him of deliberately undermining immigration laws by allowing the catch-and-release of illegal immigrants. The second article charges him with breaching public trust by obstructing and lying to Congress.

In response, Mayorkas claims he has done his best with the resources he has. He stated that any further solutions require new legislation from Congress.

Republicans argue that Mayorkas has overseen a record number of illegal immigrants entering and staying in the U.S. This surge in illegal immigration includes many families and unaccompanied children, which Mayorkas says the current system is not equipped to handle adequately.

If the Homeland Security Committee passes the impeachment articles, House Speaker Mike Johnson plans to bring them to the full House for a vote. Impeachment in the House requires a majority vote, but conviction and removal from office need a two-thirds vote in the Senate. This is unlikely due to Democratic opposition.

The White House and Congress currently disagree on whether Biden needs new powers to handle border security. Republicans highlighted that former President Trump managed to secure the border with the same laws now available to Biden. He did so particularly during a surge in 2019, without additional help from Congress.

For comparison, in December 2020, the last full month of Trump’s presidency, there were approximately 92,000 encounters with unauthorized migrants nationwide. Under Biden, in December 2023, the number rose to over 370,000.